Mushroom Story

Mushrooms are a source of natural protein food. That has evolved from the coordination of large amounts of high-grade fungus And even though some mushrooms lack amino acids But in terms of taste and texture Ensure that mushrooms are second to none in the food warfare. Importantly, mushrooms also provide nutritional value and have medicinal properties. Which has properties that help enhance the immune system in the body and helps reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, coronary arteries and high blood pressure, etc?

Highlights of mushrooms

Mushrooms are vegetables that are fat-free. It has a low amount of sugar and salt and also a good source of protein compared to many other vegetables It also has a taste and smells that are inviting. Which this distinctive flavor Comes from the fact that the mushroom contains glutamic acid amino acids This amino acid acts as a stimulant to stimulate the sensory perception of the food taste of the tongue to be more sensitive than usual and make it taste like meat

In addition, mushrooms are also rich in vitamins. Especially vitamin B (riboflavin) and niacin, which help regulate the digestive system function In respect of minerals Mushrooms are an important mineral source. With various minerals such as cilium acting as an antioxidant Reduce the risk of cancer. Coronary artery disease, potassium, regulates the heart rhythm. Body water balance Muscle and nervous system function Reducing the occurrence of high blood pressure, paralysis, and paralysis

Properties of mushrooms

Mushrooms contain phytochemical elements called “Polysaccharide” works with macrophage, which is a large escort cell that leaves the blood vessels into the tissues and goes. Caught with polysaccharides in the stomach area And sent to other escort cells By stimulating the body’s immune system Supplement and help increase the volume and efficiency of natural escort cells. To act to destroy foreign cells that enter the body Including viruses and other bacteria, with mushrooms that contain high amounts of polysaccharides, such as shiitake mushrooms or shitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, elephant ears mushrooms, and buttoned mushrooms, and other popular mushrooms to be eaten, including mushrooms Jue, straw mushrooms, mushrooms, ear mushrooms, buttoned mushrooms or champignon, mushrooms and golden needle mushrooms. In addition, mushrooms can also be used as medicine. The medicinal properties of mushrooms are numerous, such as helping to control the functions of various vital organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, liver and circulatory system. Because the Chinese organize mushrooms as cold medicine Because it has properties to help reduce fever Increase the life force, quench the heat in the bruising solution in nourishing the body, reducing sugar levels and cholesterol in the blood vessels, reducing pressure, diuretic, helping to heal, irritability Nourish the nerve cells Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and most importantly, inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.